Exhibit Encounters

​Exhibit Meet & Greet

Fee: $50 non-members | $45 FOSZ members
Length of Encounter: 1 Hour
Booking Restrictions: None
By pass the crowds and take the keeper chat experience to the next level with this Behind the Scenes Encounter.  You will have the opportunity to make enrichment for your favorite Sunset Zoo animal then meet up with their zookeeper.  The zookeeper will give out the enrichment you made while answering all your questions.  This experience also features a behind the scenes trip to Sunset Zoo’s commissary where you will learn about the diet of your favorite animal.

The Chimpcasso Experience

Fee: $225 non-members | $202.50 FOSZ members
Length of Encounter: 1.5 Hours

Booking Restrictions: Saturday & Sunday only; Start must be before 1:30pm
Go behind-the-scenes at Sunset Zoo’s chimpanzee exhibit to meet the troop, their zookeeper, and Nanette Stark, a Manhattan-area artist.  While behind the scenes, you will observe the chimps create a masterpieces to take home.  The printmaking technique we use will not only capture you an original chimp painting, but will also allow you the opportunity to add your own flare to the chimpanzees’ work.  Afterwards, Nanette will help you use the chimpanzees for inspiration to create your own print at the exhibit.  A portion of the fees for this program goes to support future animal enrichment activities with Sunset Zoo’s animals.

Breakfast with the Animals

Fee: $175 non-members | $157.50 FOSZ members
Length of Encounter: 2 Hours

Booking Restrictions: April-September only
Rise and shine with the maned wolves at Sunset Zoo.  During this Behind the Scenes Encounter, you'll explore the amount of care that goes into making the diets for Sunset Zoo’s animal collection; then engage in making the diet for the Zoo's maned wolves, one of the most intricate diets given.  After helping prepare the maned wolf diet, you will enjoy a hot breakfast alongside the wolves and meet their zookeeper to round out this exclusive experience. 

​Booking Information

Behind the Scenes Encounters are designed for small groups of up to 6 people. Minimum two weeks advance notice required.  For more information or to book your Encounter, contact Tammy Jones by email or call 785-587-2737