Sunset Zoo Explorers Club

Sunset Zoo is excited to announce the laIMG_20200426_155125unch of the pilot version of its new, Sunset Zoo Explorers Club you youth in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade!

The goal of Sunset Zoo Explorers Club is to build and support a community of youth curious about and interested in the natural world through fun and engaging challenges.  Daily challenges and weekly live, Zoom connections serve as the basis for Club Member interactions, and Sunset Zoo’s Education Team is available to support Club Members throughout their explorations.

Using Seesaw, Sunset Zoo’s Education Team will post daily challenges for Club Members to complete.  Club Members do not have to complete all challenges, but the more you complete the more Explorer Points you earn, the more stickers and badges you get, the more recognitions you will receive, and the higher you will advance on the Explorer Points Leader Board.  Challenges do not have to be completed on the day they are assigned.  If you are busy during the week, complete your challenges over the weekend!

For more details and to register, keep reading and download the Sunset Zoo Explorers Club Handbook.

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges will be a combination of Seesaw-only challenges, challenges that can be completed inside, and challenges that take Club Members outside.  Every two weeks, Sunset Zoo Explorers Club will also include one field trip challenge and one project-based challenge that may take multiple days to complete.  Our goal is to have at least 4 backyard or neighborhood-based challenges for Club Members each week and at least 8 indoor or Seesaw-only challenges in addition to the field trip and project-based challenges.

As part of the daily challenges, Sunset Zoo’s Education Team will host a live, Zoom connection with all Club Members on Monday mornings at 10:00 a.m.  These live, Zoom interactions will connect directly to the topic being explored and it’s relatedness to the animals at Sunset Zoo.

Examples of challenges may include:

Seesaw-based ChallengesAsk a Keeper; Watch a video and submit a response; Read a digital book on Epic!
Indoor ChallengesUse origami to make an animal we are studying; Create a short story about your favorite bird; Join a live Zoom connection with Sunset Zoo’s Education Team
Backyard/Neighborhood ChallengesA weekly challenge using identification apps by iNaturalist or Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Tree observations; Read a book outside; compare your adaptations to that of an animal we are studying; Play hide and seek animal-style with friends or family; Role-play in your backyard
Field Trip ChallengeVisit Sunset Zoo and complete a self-guided activity; Go on a nature hike; Visit the Flint Hills Discovery Center
Project-based ChallengeBuild a bat box and place it in your yard; Design and create a butterfly friendly planter for your backyard



Membership in Sunset Zoo Explorers Club is managed on 2-week intervals.  Renewals are processed manually.  Thus, families must go online to to renew. Reminders will be sent to families as renewal times near. This format allows Sunset Zoo’s Education Team to better track and manage memberships.

Club Members may come and go as they wish into the Club.  Sunset Zoo’s Education Team will track Explorer Points between membership cycles.  Explorer Points are cumulative until Club Members age out when they enter 7th grade regardless of paid membership renewal.  If Club Members do not renew, they will lose access to the Seesaw app and the daily challenges for the current, 2-week cycle.

FOSZ Members$322 Weeks - renewed manually
Non-FOSZ Members$362 Weeks - renewed manually

Youth may register for the Club at any time to start on the following dates during this pilot phase of Sunset Zoo Explorers Club:

2-week Cycle Start DateTopic Explored by Daily Challenges
July 13, 2020Birds
July 27, 2020Mammals

The pilot version of Sunset Zoo Explorers Club will conclude on August 7, 2020.  Sunset Zoo’s Education Team will evaluate the three cycles with the support of participating Club Members to make necessary adjustments before launching a year-round version of Sunset Zoo Explorers Club.  Sunset Zoo anticipates the year-round version will launch on Monday, August 31, 2020.  Explorer Points will carry over from the pilot version of the Club for those Club Members that participate now!

Register today by clicking here!